Walrus implements the well-known PHPMailer library.
The repository of it is available right here and the full documentation is right here.

Using the Mailer

There isn't a "right way" to use the mailer but don't forget that there is a method called getSoft() which can return you the content of a template, that's how we use it in WalrusTeam.

Reminder : getSoft()

The get soft method is a unique method from Walrus framework, this method allow you to get the rendered content of a controller's action, it use the same light rerouting as the reroute method and catch all the front end rendering as a string, every interaction with the controller like setting view or registering variable are instantiated for a full compatibility between controllers.

    public function run()
        $content = $this->getSoft('controller', 'action', array('hello' => $hello));