Walrus is available on Github here.

Once you have downloaded it, just put it on your server/local server and go to your project url.

The Walrus configuration will be shown and will ask you to configure a RDBMS:

  • RDBMS : MySQL / SQLite / PostgreSQL / CUBRID
  • Database : Your database name
  • Hostname : localhost, your_ip, your_domain_name, ...
  • User : Your RDBMS user name
  • Password : Your RDBMS user password

Then it will ask you two things :

  • Templating : Template Engine you want to use, we support Smarty, Haml and native PHP.
  • Environment : In which environment you want to make your project at this time.
Note :

If you want to change few things later, you can still make changes in config/config.php .