Ajax navigation

Walrus provide a 100% automated ajax navigation, you just need to include Walrus.js to your project:

    <script src="www/assets/javascript/Walrus.js"></script>

And then set the ajax Navigation to true with:

        ajaxNavigation: true
Listen the page change

Every time a page is loaded with the ajax navigation, Walrus.js will execute the breadcrumb callback, you can set it as follow:

    Walrus.breadCrumb(function () {
        //your javascript code
Open a new page with Ajax navigation

If you have a custom url generated with a script you can load the page with the go method like so:

    Walrus.go(pageUrl, isBack, callback);
  • pageUrl: a formatted url
  • isBack: equal to a page return
  • callback: a callback function executed at the end of the ajax request