Change Log


New WalrusMonitoring

Walrus class, used to monitor Walrus framework process, handle all developer tools like the Walrus development toolbar and the custom error and exception handler

New WalrusException

A simple class that extend the PHP exception class, used to be handled by WalrusMonitoring

New WalrusModel

Walrus class, used as a tool for model, just like the WalrusController class

New WalrusCompile

Walrus class, used to parse all configuration from YAML to PHP

New WalrusHelpers

Helpers are the package equivalent in Walrus, you can register them into the WalrusHelpers Class to use them in your backend or frontend script

New core directory: Helpers

Walrus Helpers are in the Helpers directory, for now only two helpers:

  • Url helper with a nolink method.
  • HTML tag helper to create HTML tag with PHP objects.
New unit test

Some unit test have been written on PHPUnit, essentialy to cover the WalrusRouter and WalrusFiler class

Rename WalrusFrontController to WalrusController

WalrusFrontController give methods to help you handling front end development and as also method to help controller development. So we decided to rename it WalrusController

Update WalrusRouter

The router can now handle default page for 403 and 404 http error code, know the router call the controller class constructor when it execute it. As a part of the Walrus v1.0.0 update the router now use PHP compiled route instead of user's YAML.

  • Refactor almost all methods
  • Debug almost all methods
Update WalrusCLI

You can now create an API controller using tusk, the Walrus CLI tool. A new "deploy" command as been created to create a testing project and compile all your configuration files to a single one in plain PHP

  • Debug bad namespace when creating a model
Update WalrusFiler

The getContent method can now return only a part of the file, the OS directory separator is now used everywhere instead of "/", Also two new methods had been added:

  • emptyFolder empty a folder
  • copy copy a folder to a new path
  • Refactor simplify some methods
  • Debug clear PHP file cache when we fetch files informations
Update WalrusAutoload
  • Refactor the OS directory separator is now used everywhere instead of "/"
Update templates

Walrus templates as been moved from the www/ directory to the project's root

Update config

Config as a new field "base_url" useful when you use walrus on a sub url. The config form also have a new design and some new test features. All the configuration files are now parsed to PHP for a better performance.

Update cache

Smarty cache is configurated to be written on the cache/ directory at the Walrus root


  • Refactor from native javascript to jQuery
  • Ajax Navigation new methods
  • Ajax Navigation breadcrumb
  • Nolink new method