Walrus framework


Long polling

Walrus give you a powerful integrated long polling system, that you can set up and use with only 1 line of PHP code ! Yes, black magic exist.

AJAX navigation

A full AJAX navigation script is provided, you have nothing to do, it just works with your own HTML links. You can also use Lazy loading in a very simple way

Smarty/HAML templating

Walrus support three templating language, HAML for rubyist, Smarty for the lovers, and for sure, PHP, obviously the faster templating language in PHP


Skeleton is a unique feature who let you make group of templates for a better Maintainability, it's also great for letting front-end developers manage their templates

RedBean ORM

RedBean is a really simple PHP ORM, it can help you create your relationship in development mode, it's really fast, simple, and let you use some SQL language

CLI tools

The Walrus CLI tool give you the power of creating your own controller, API controller and models with just a magic one line command

Simple ACL

With Walrus no need of big secure algorithms, with our ACL system you can just specify few roles, on routes, templates or even skeletons.

File manager

You want to create or manage files on your web application ? Just use the secured and very easy to use Walrus File manager. The file manager have it's own log files, how cool is that ?